The Cats & Dogs of Puerto Rico star in Reinhold's Holiday Book '19!

Reinhold's Holiday Books are always inspired by our Puerto Rican roots and culture, and this year they celebrated the Cats and Dogs of Puerto Rico and how important they are to us human beings!


On November 15th, Reinhold presented the 19th Holiday Book at their store in Plaza Las Américas and celebrated the Holiday season! The honored guests of the night where the celebrities that potragonized the book; the dogs and cats of Puerto Rico where they had a Tito's Vodka play area and got the chance to have live-portraits created by artist Camelia Sandoval Bou. The clients also enjoyed a Tito's Vodka cocktails and catering by Chef Mario Pagán while they discovered Federica Rettore, Mattia Cielo and Luisa Rosas latest collections. 

Also, the event was dedicated to help protect these four legged animals by donating a percentage of the sales generated during the event to the Save-A-Sato foundation.

Visit any of Grupo Reinhold stores to receive a free copy of Reinhold's 19th edition of their Holiday Book at: Reinhold Plaza Las Américas and Plaza Del Caribe, David Yurman Plaza Las Américas, Kiyume Plaza Las Américas y Tiffany & Co. The Mall of San Juan. 

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